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Need me? Want to continue Roleplaying with me? Lots of people gone or in active? You all can find me on Tumblr c:

You can find me here. A lot of people who used to role-play on here are no longer here and it worries me. I hope everyone who is gone is alright and I sigh for the best. I come on here to check messages, but most of everything will be on Tumblr now if you didn't get my last journal.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/ Holidays and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

  • Reading: Transformers: Retribution
  • Watching: Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer
  • Playing: Transformers Universe
Need me? Want to continue Roleplaying with me? Lots of people gone or in active? You all can find me on Tumblr c:

You can find me here. A lot of people who used to role-play on here are no longer here and it worries me. I hope everyone who is gone is alright and I sigh for the best. I come on here to check messages, but most of everything will be on Tumblr now if you didn't get my last journal.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/ Holidays and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

  • Reading: Transformers: Retribution
  • Watching: Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer
  • Playing: Transformers Universe


United States
{Webcam- Done by my amazing friend :devNeurtal-Rou: ~ :heart:
And ID Done by my wonderful and amazing Friend AuroraLion

Designation: Chaos

Voice Actor Best suited for Chaos' voice- Ian Somerhalder

Affiliation: Autobot

Faction: Caption/Warrior/Sniper

Age (Earth Years): 22

Gender: Mech

Robot Mode:
Chaos stands about 26' ft high and weighs about 2.1 tons. His armor is completely black with hints of blue bio-lights. He has a horned helm with two large curved horns on the top. His frame is spiked down his chest, arms and legs. Some may take a first glance and think he's a Decepticon, but he's far from ever being a Decepticon. He’s also a triple changer; with wings that look simpler to this, His wheels are hidden beneath his frame. His frame is slim like a seeker, but a little bulkier than normal. He has a scare across his chest when fighting a Con when he was younger; though is now barely visible after he painted over it to try and hide it from view. Chaos also has another scare through his right optic, but isn’t blind. When in battle he has a visor and battle mask. His Visor contains Night vision, Thermal vision, targeting and everything else his jet control panel contains. Giving him an advantage in dark places and when spying.

Alt. Mode(s): He is one of the very few who has two alt. forms. He's a Seeker and a Ground roller.

2013 Lamborghini Veneno-…………………
The 50th anniversary of Lamborghini is a 4 million pallor car. Power comes from a 740-hp version of the Aventador's 6.5-liter V-12 linked to a 7-speed automated manual transmission and permanent all-wheel-drive, good for a top speed of 220 mph and 60 mph in less than three seconds. With only 4 being made, Chaos was able to sneak a scan and became this rare and exotic car himself~

Sr-71 Blackbird-……
Known for being the fastest man-ed jet in the world today. Reaches speeds up to Mach 3.3 (2,200+ mph ). The highest altitude recorded was 85,069 ft and the only man-ed aircraft able to reach that altitude. The jet, is retired with a few left, yet Chaos was able to get his servos onto one~

He has two Plasma Blasters mounted on his back. He has multiple exploding throwing stars contained on the inside of his wrist that he uses mostly as his primary weapon. His jet engines from the Sr-71 are also used as a weapon; they flip upside down and mount on his shoulders. When fired, it’s a sonic blast of soundwaves to blow his opponents away; often causing their frames to be crushed when shot at a high frequency. Recently he has been given the ability to control the Chaos Edge Sword forged by Solus Prime herself. Though only uses the powerful sword when he see's fit to use such a powerful weapon.

TFMovie Bio:
His life was hard in the beginning, sparked two years before the war began. But even those two years where very tough. Abounded when sparked, left for dead in an unknown area by his creators; Having very little to use to keep himself alive and no one around to help him through it. He was able to keep himself alive over the years but had a lot of near death experience. Still to this day he is not sure himself how he was able to survive, knowing that Primus had a reason for keeping him online. When the war started he training himself how to fight and defend himself on his own; watching others from a distance; One of them mainly being Optimus Prime. After he had figured out how to create weapons from left over parts from broken weapons and dead 'Cons, he was soon fighting the Decepticons too. He helped the Autobots in secret, hiding among the shadows and becoming a sniper; shooting at the Decepticons from a distance; becoming fast and sneaky enough to sneak up on the 'Con and killing them quickly. Because of these actions Megatron sent a Wanted term against him. Wanting his helm brought to him, though Chaos was unable to be caught by the Decepticons. The Autobots often wondered who it was that was saving their lives. After while, Chaos got the courage to go to the Autobots and ask permission to be on Optimus Prime's team. Optimus saw something in the young mech and agreed for him to be on his team of a high ranked bots. Chaos now looks towards the future with pride and courage, knowing that all those years of being alone and forgotten where over as he now has a group of friends he calls his family.

TF Prime Bio-
Chaos grew up with only with only one creator, his mother died soon after giving birth to him. He lived in a normal, middle-class life with his father, Karmashock who worked in Iacon as a medic. A few years later the war broke out and they were forced to move into the Autobot base, as Karma had to be on site when any injury came in. As the years drug on, Chaos knew he had to do something to help the Autobots. He went into the war as one of the few Autobot seekers, occasionally working as a sniper and also getting down and dirty on the battle field. Creating his own weapons along the way. He secretly went off to build a ship for the Autobots, knowing that he wanted to give back to them and to hopefully win the war with the ship; building the ship without his father knowing. The ship was soon known as the “Retribution” getting many, if not all, of the Autobot soldiers who were left, including having his father become the head medic. He worked as Caption of the ship, fighting off the Decepticon ships until there was nothing left. Knowing Cybertron was gone and in ruins he used his new Space Warping Technology and went off to Earth, knowing Megatron had very well left Cybertron to find Prime and his team. Soon, the ship warped to Earth, but came too late, watching Team Primes base being blown to smithereens. A war between both ships on Earth, brewed before the ship retreated. Chaos and his team are flying around the world, in search of the remaining members of Team Prime. Though Chaos has a feeling deep down that Prime is very much still alive. And Chaos was right. Optimus was very much alive and Chaos’s crew helped take down the ‘New Kaon’ Megatron had built. Having a ship with them now gave Team Prime an advantage against the Decepticons along with having more Autobots fight against them as well. Chaos kept in contact with Team Prime down below and helped them with anything they needed. Now after Prime and his Team found Ratchet, it was becoming an all out war against the two ships and the factions. Even with the ship being twice the size of the Nemisis, Chaos was determined to have the ship live up to its name. After the war had ended Chaos sent the ship off and docked it underground for it was no longer needed. He was sad to part with his ship, but knew if he ever needed it again it would be there ready to go. But he knew deep down that he wished he never needed to use it again.

Chaos is the one who likes to put a smile on others faces and make sure and remained everyone that they can all have fun, when in a time of war. Chaos always has a smile on his face and it’s a rare site to see him so upset or angry, though you don’t want to see him angry. He likes to joke around, show others how to just relax and have a good time. He doesn’t hesitate in helping out a friend when they seem to need it the most. Thinking about others health before his own, usually would ask for other to be repaired before him even if they weren’t that badly injured unlike himself. He's always there when someone is upset or needs a little cheering up. He enjoys being around his friends he calls family and having fun. He is serious about follows and giving orders and does them without question, out in the battle field; He is one, along with so many others that wants this war to end. Tired of fighting this war and losing close friends along with it. But he can’t help to love just a good fight.

He is able to hide among the shadows, because his slick black pain job allows him to sneak around without being seen . He has the ability to clone himself with a hologram, allowing him to project an image in front of him, to confuse his enemy that he had simply frozen in place or have them go through him, as he sneaks to another spot without being seen. He also has a way with words, often convincing others that what they are doing is wrong or cheering them up.

His wings are very sensitivity which can gives his appointees a chance to take him down. Another part is his horn, pinch the tip and it will have him fall to his knees. The back of his neck, when pinched or rubbed will leave him relaxed and sometimes almost have him so relaxed he falls asleep. The scare on his chest is hidden, but when hit or punched on his scare causes him an excruciating amount of pain, often causing him not being able to breath. Also when one of his friends is injured, threatened, or captured it is great weakness to him as they are his family and will do anything to help them out.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 9
Endurance: 7
Rank: 9
Courage: 7
Firepower: 8
Skill: 8

Theme Song- This is War by: 30 Seconds to Mars…
Top of the World by: Greek Fire…

Personal Quotes- "Keep a smile on your face and then you'll everything will be alright." “I got you back, don’t worry.” “I’m always here to listen, when you need someone to talk to.”

:icontf-theautobotleader: :iconcommander-optimus:

Big Brother: :icontheautobotcommander:

My Sparkmate :huggle: - :iconfragthespeedlimit: Hurt him? You don't wanna know all the horrible things i'll do to you.... :iconevilgrinplz:

Kids- Striker ~Hurt him, I'll kick your aft!! :stare:

Adopted Sister(RP)- :iconmiss-autumnrose: Hurt her and I'll rip your spark out :stare:

Best Friends I call Family X3 {In no particular order~} Along with My Idols :heart:
:iconbumblebee-tf: :icontf-jazz: :icondogi-crimson: :icontf-sides: :iconneutral-rou: :icontf-roulette: :iconauroralion: :iconcuriouscucumber: :iconforgottenhope547: :icontruebluuue: :iconred-alert-tf: :icontf-bluestreak: :icontf-sunstreaker: :icontheepicmastermind: :iconlexi001: :iconbarricade-tf: :icontf-spirit: :iconbluekite-falls: :iconsilverheart101: :iconmessyartwok: :iconswift-tf: :iconautobot-jazz-tf: :iconringtone-tf: :iconera-7: :iconimber-noctis: :iconwingsforhire: :iconjazzyjasmine15: :icongrace-winters: :iconcookiejane: :iconmrsdecepticonqueen: :iconsmokescreen-tfprime: :icongoldendrakangel: :iconthe-ultra-magnus: :iconbumblebee-tfprime: :icondragon-soundwave: :icontf-evilangel: :iconautobotgirl2: :icontf-samurai: :iconpeaceful-knight: :iconautobot-commando:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

-This is an Rp Account. Some Art of my OC will be posted here, but all of my art will be posted here MoralChaos -

-Art Account- :iconmoralchaos: -

-Also Find Me On Tumblr~ -

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